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Approach To Qualified Planning

Approach To Qualified Planning Secondary

Our team helps facilitate the introduction, evaluation, selection, and implementation of a plan record keeper.

We help your firm identify, evaluate, and select a plan recordkeeper, and plan administrator

We work with you to select an array of diversified investment choices for your plan

We help you with plan design features and provisions

We serve as co-fiduciaries with you, and offer 3(21) or 3(38) options

Our team prepares benchmarks to

Our team prepares benchmarks to:

Develop an investment selection and monitoring program

Conduct a regular review of the plan, including an economic recap, financial market summary, and an investment review

Identify and compare plan expenses with published studies

Our Team Avidly Supports Participation And Consultation.

Our team avidly supports participation and consultation.

We conduct and coordinate enrollment education meetings and webcasts

We assist your firm with a participant education campaign

We make ourselves available for group and one-on-one participant meetings

We assist participants with retirement income strategies, if desired